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Electric Scooters: Everything You Need to Know

Electric scooters are here to stay and why not? They are fun, eco-friendly and easy to ride. They are a great alternative to a car and a convenient, cost-effective, clean way of personal transport. It’s no wonder there are more and more e-scooter enthusiasts every day. You’ve seen them zooming past wondering pedestrians, or swerving through bustling city streets. Love them or hate them, but they get to where they need to be fast and easy, while other people spend hours in their cars, stuck in traffic.

Electric Scooters for Kids

Kids love scooters. They are fun, compact and a great way to zoom around neighborhood, or even commute to school. From the old-school kick scooter to the exciting electric one, scooter has found itself on Christmas gift lists or birthday wish lists across the world. But with so many options available, getting the best electric scooter for your kid is [...]

Cheap Electric Scooters

There have been many researches proving that electric scooters are one of the cheapest forms of transportation, just a tad bit more expensive than walking, but much more fun. Yet, many people are hesitant to hand out thousands, or even hundreds of dollars for an electric scooter, and that is perfectly understandable. Luckily, there are plenty of great options [...]

Long Range Electric Scooters

Electric scooter are a convenient way to travel, and now they are able to reach distances that prove this two-wheelers are a real vehicle, not just a “who needs it” gadget. Almost any e-scooter can go 10, 20 miles, and some can even go 70 miles and more. Electric scooters are more than capable to cover a daily travel [...]

Fat Tire Electric Scooters

Scooters that run on electricity are not a new concept, but today, as they find practical use in all aspects of transportation, they are more relevant than ever. There is a vast variety of different designs for different purposes, from folding portable scooters for the last mile from the station, to big and powerful off-road electric scooters that can [...]

Off Road Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are a very convenient way about town and transport of choice for urban commuters. But what about those who like to go off the beaten track and just enjoy adventure? Tough and rugged rides that are quiet and good for the environment – that is what these beastly off-road electric scooters are all about. Top 5 [...]

Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults

It’s no secret; most scooters are made with smaller riders in mind. Most range tests are done with riders weighing 170 lbs on level ground, and that’s why your 30 mile range scooter only gets 15 miles with a heavier rider on board. Most adults (including the writer of this article) are actually bigger and heavier than the average scooter [...]

Three Wheel Electric Scooters

There are plenty of great reasons to consider buying an electric scooter on three wheels. The 3 wheels provide greater stability and safety than regular two wheeled transporters, and sometimes even more torque and longer range for more rigorous use. You get the stability of a 4 wheel scooter, with the turning radius of a two-wheeler. Even though there [...]

Electric Scooters with Seats

There are a lot of articles about electric scooters, but there is rarely something about electric scooters with seat, and it is mostly the models where seat is really an afterthought. Well, the truth is that not all seated electric scooters are mobility scooters, and there are plenty of great options that can go fast, go far and are [...]

Fastest Electric Scooters

Top speed has always been the benchmark of how powerful any vehicle is, and the same goes for electric scooters. In recent years e-scooters have become significantly faster, fast enough to catch up with any other vehicle on city streets. Speed record on an electric vehicle with two wheels was set by a former world champion Max Biaggi, on [...]

Street Legal Electric Scooters

Electric scooters always were one of the children’s favorite toys, but lately they are getting very popular among young adults as well, especially among millennials that are looking for new ways to get around as an alternative to owning a car. Part of the appeal of the electric scooters is that some of them are advertised as vehicles that [...]

Folding Electric Scooters

The electric scooter that folds is not a new concept. With old SLA batteries the electric scooters were still just too cumbersome to take with you on the public transport, even when they fold. However with new battery technology, the scooters are getting lighter and the companies and startups are battling for their share of the market by coming up [...]

Electric Scooter Helmets

Riding electric scooter is really fun, but it’s no child’s play. This little piece of technology packs some serious power and is able to go at speeds of over 30mph. Of course, it is important to wear proper safety gear whenever you are riding anything, but when it comes to scooters, helmet is an absolute must. Especially if you are [...]

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