Electric scooters are a very convenient way about town and transport of choice for urban commuters. But what about those who like to go off the beaten track and just enjoy adventure? Tough and rugged rides that are quiet and good for the environment – that is what these beastly off-road electric scooters are all about.

Top 5 All Terrain Off Road Scooters

Looking for the best off road electric scooter we have come across so many different crazy rides, it just blew our minds. Besides the brands we already know and love like Kaabo, we had some quite unexpected finds that are just too good to miss. In this article you will find the top 5 that stand out from the others – for their price, performance or just for the “rad” factor.

Dualtron Ultra V2

dualtron ultra

What we liked

  • Top speed and torque
  • Excellent build quality
  • Smooth ride

What we didn’t like

  • Rubber suspension

Dualtron is the brand of electrically powered off road scooters produced by the Korean company Minimotors. At the moment, Dualtron Ultra V2 is the most powerful e-scooter fitted for riding on rugged terrain. This sturdy and fast electric scooter is specifically designed for off road riding, trail blazing and long distance adventures. It is not a surprise that Dualtron has fan clubs all over the world, with enthusiastic riders sharing their experiences and their own Dualtron modifications. Two motors of 5400W combined peak power, combined with superb suspension system and top notch build quality, make Dualtron Ultra V2r the fastest, most powerful, most capable all terrain electric scooter so far, capable of unleashing speed of up to 50 mph. It comes with an upgraded EYE throttle assembly, ABS, and and knobby 3.5″ wide tires. This monster wheel scooter is truly worthy of its “undisputed king of off road electric scooters” title, capable of conquering treacherous trails.

What makes Dualtron Ultra V2 a powerful off-road machine is its state of the art suspension. The 45 steps control suspension system consists of 3 steps motor axis distance control, 3 steps arm angle control, and 5 types of the rubber. That is the total of 45 options (3 x 3 x 5) of the suspension strength adjustment. That means that you will get the best riding comfort on all kinds of terrain, in all seasons, rain or shine. Just make sure you are always wearing your safety gear and preferably a full-face helmet.

Apollo PRO

What we liked

  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Great acceleration
  • Dual hydraulic brakes
  • IP54 water resistance rating

What we didn’t like

  • It takes a long time to charge, and there is no option to charge with two chargers
  • It is pretty heavy, weighing 77 lbs

Apollo PRO is quick, torqey and agile. It features dual motors rated at 1000W, and can reach the top speed of 38 mph. It has finger throttle and buttons allowing you to toggle between dual and single motor mode to get more power when you need it and conserve battery when you don’t. The deck is wide enough and there is a reinforced fender in the back that you can comfortably place your foot on to keep balance

The suspension is super soft, you will be able to cruise over grass, dirt, gravel, and just about anywhere. The steering is very intuitive, and allowing you to maneuver easily even at lower speeds. When it comes to off-roading, this scooter can definitely handle it, though smooth road tire will cause some slipping on dirt hills, but because the scooter itself is not too heavy, it is still manageable.

The only downside of Apollo PRO is its somewhat limited range and long charging time if you use only one charger. Advertised range is up to 56 miles, but this is in ideal conditions, in single motor mode and with lightweight rider on board. If you are riding on rugged terrain which requires lot of power and engaging dual motor drive, you will be able to get about 25 miles of range, 30 miles at best. And when the battery runs out it takes about 10 to 12 hours with a single charger to recharge it completely.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior King

What we liked

  • Fantastic top speed and torque
  • Excellent build quality and super sturdy frame
  • Jam-packed with features
  • Smooth ride

What we didn’t like

  • Overcomplicated folding mechanism

Kaboo Wolf King GT is a high-performance scooter designed for anybody who wants to ride the famed Wolf, with even more power and speed, delivering the ultimate on and off-road experience. With dual 2000W motors and two 50A sine wave controllers, the King GT delivers raw power and exhilarating high speeds combining the advantages of the Wolf GT with even more power. Its motorcycle grade inverted hydraulic front shock absorbers and rear spring enable a smooth ride on any terrain.

Full hydraulic brakes in combination with the optionally enabled ABS system provide for safe and accurate braking power to tame this beast. In every aspect the Wolf King puts safety first: See and be seen with powerful dual front LEDs lighting up the night, front and rear turn signals enabling a ride in traffic and stylish under-deck LED lights which will ensure optimal visibility from any direction. On paved road, this 62mph electric scooter delivers insane acceleration and top speed (road tires recommended for high-speed road use). The huge 72V 35Ah LG or Samsung battery can last for up to 90 miles under optimal conditions but also delivers extra long range for those thrilling high-speed rides.

The Wolf King GT features a brand-new cockpit with a comfortable thumb throttle and a centered 4.2″ TFT-display, letting you check your speed, mileage, driving mode, etc. at a glance, even on bright and sunny days. With 120 lbs this high-speed electric scooter is certainly not made for portability. It nevertheless folds down for easy transport in your trunk to travel to your favorite off road spots.

Apollo Phantom

What we liked

  • Stunning unique design
  • Extra-large display
  • Very bright lights all-around
  • Impressive performance

What we didn’t like

  • The display is sometimes hard to read in sunlight

Powered by two 1200W electric motors and the 52V 23Ah battery, Phantom reaches the top speed of 38mph, and accelerates instantly. The 160mm discs, deliver best-in-class cooling and handle response, while improving braking performance.

Apollo Phantom is fitted with in-house designed Quadruple Suspension System that features four springs instead of two, for improved shock-absorbing capability. The suspension works very well on rough terrain like gravel, dirt, or mulch. You will still feel the bumps, rocks, and roots, but the scooter overall feels stable. The sheer power of the two motors is what will make you fly over the course and raise your adrenaline levels. With off road tires, the Apollo Phantom would turn into a mean, trail conquering monster machine.

Of course, if you’ll be riding your Phantom mostly on paved roads, we do not recommend switching the tires for the sake of better off-roading experience Phantom comes with so called “hybrid” tires which means they are supposed to work on all kinds of surfaces, and they do just fine.

UberScoot 1600w

uberscoot off road

What we liked

  • Pneumatic knobby tires
  • Very affordable
  • Good for beginners

What we didn’t like

  • Comes with SLA battery
  • It is loud

This scooter does not bring anything new to the personal electric transportation, but it is a good, reliable and simply a classic. With powerful 1000W motor it reaches top speed of up to 30 mph. What we loved the most about UberScoot is that is simple but sturdy, with all the right features that make an all-round off-road ride: full front suspension, and dual rear shocks, front and rear disc brakes, strong solid steel frame and 12 inch pneumatic knobby tires.

Seat is adjustable and removable, so you can ride it both sitting down and standing up. It can haul up to 300lbs on it. I comes with pack of 3x12V SLA batteries, but you can get the Lithium battery upgrade to make the scooter lighter and extend the range. It features an economy mode button that can be used to slow down acceleration and top speed to conserve the battery life for long rides.

UberScoot 1600 is fast, reliable and very well-built. This scooter is a real pleasure to ride, but it’s also convenient to transport because it folds! It is a bit heavy though, as it weighs about 117 pounds. The price of this scooter is great, considering all the toy-like scooters and poor quality off brands with the same price point, UberScoot 1600 is an excellent value for the money.

Off Road Electric Scooters: Key Considerations

There are tons of different e-scooters on the market, but off-road scooters are a league of their own. These scooters are designed to handle rugged terrain, rough surfaces, and dirt. And it is not only a matter of big knobby tires. There is so much more that makes an electric scooter deserve an “off-road” label: a heavy-duty frame, high power, and torque electric motor (two of them, actually) and good suspension.

Motor power

One thing is obvious: for conquering hills and tackling dirt trails you need some serious power. But what does it actually mean, expressed in Watts? Well, it all depends on the weight of the scooter, the weight of the rider, and how demanding the terrain is, but we would recommend that the combined power is no less than 2000W. This will ensure that the scooter won’t fail you on an incline, or struggle over bumps.


If you are planning to take your scooter off of the paved road, you will need some traction. To ensure a good grip on challenging surfaces like grass, mud, or dirt, you need tires with big thread. Solid tires are a poor choice, so look for pneumatic ones. The best ones are big knobby tubeless tires that provide a good grip but muss less chance of getting a flat mid-ride.

Battery and range

Conquering rough terrain requires a lot of power, so look for a high-capacity battery. In general, higher capacity means longer range, and for this kind of adventure, you need at least a 60V battery with at least 30Ah capacity.

Be aware that the advertised range is the greatest distance you can travel in ideal conditions, on flat ground. There is no way you will be able to reach that range off-roading. To estimate how far you can go on a single charge, you need to divide the maximum advertised range by two. The last thing that you need is your scooter battery dying in the middle of the ride. Try to imagine having to push a nearly 100-pound monster machine across rocky or steep terrain.


Almost all dirt scooters have either disc brakes or drum brakes. Drum brakes are enclosed in the wheel, and they hardly need maintenance. However, drum brakes are not an ideal solution for extreme riding, as they can overheat, and sometimes water can get inside the break, which decreases their stopping power. Disc brakes have better overall performance and stability, but they are also more expensive. They can be used on all terrains, have better heat dissipation, and are easy to repair and replace.

Disc brakes, especially the hydraulic ones are a superior choice, which is why they are pretty much standard on off-road electric scooters. They range from cable-operated ones to semi-hydraulic and hydraulic brakes from brands like Zoom, Nutt, or Magura on some high-end models.


Spring, hydraulic or rubber, the suspension is an essential feature on off road scooters. Most of these adult scooters have big pneumatic tires that do some dampening, but suspension will improve ride quality by a mile. This is important not just for comfort, but also for making the rider feel stable, and not lose control.


Build quality is always important, but it’s even more important for riding off road because it puts more stress on the frame. The frame is considered the foundation of a scooter, carrying all other parts, which is why off-road scooter frames are carefully constructed and made out of sturdy materials.

Many of these scooters are foldable, so you need to make sure that the folding mechanism is sturdy enough not to fail under the pressure of extreme riding conditions.


On city streets, you need fender only if you are riding in the rain to prevent water splashing all over your clothes. But, if you want to do more than just gravel-road tours, then you need to get a proper off road fender. Most scooters come with pretty decent fenders, even if you do not like out-of-the-box ones, you can easily swap them for an aftermarket model.

Weight limit

The load limit of the scooter is the thing that you should not overlook. Have in mind that the load doesn’t only include your weight, but also equipment and other stuff you’ll pack on the scooter.

It is obvious that these scooters are heavy-duty machines that can haul some serious load. Most of them have a weight limit of over 300 pounds which means that you can comfortably take your gear with you.

Safety Gear for Off-Road Scooter Riding

The most important piece of protective gear you must wear is a helmet that complies with DOT standards. In addition to the helmet, goggles are highly recommended, as they keep dirt from obscuring your vision and protect your eyes from injury from insects and branches.

Wearing gloves has many benefits. A good pair of gloves not only protect your hands from injury if you fall but also gives amazing grip and more control while riding.

Elbow and knee pads are also a good thing to have on you when riding off road. In almost every crash scenario, it’s your knees that are amongst the first body parts to make contact with the ground. Elbow pads are a bit of a stretch for many riders, but if you are prone to elbow injuries or want to be as safe as possible, elbow pads are a piece of protection that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The best thing you can do is to buy full motorcycle gear that includes a protective jacket, or a protective vest, padded pants and appropriate footwear. You have to be aware that on the scooter, you are fully exposed, and in case something happens, it’s your body that will hit the ground, which can cause serious injuries even if you are not going crazy fast. Wearing right protective gear will keep you unscathed.

Road vs Off-Road Tires

You are about to order a scooter, but you don’t know whether to get road of off-road tires?

Every type of terrain has the ideal type of tire, and it would be awesome if you could just switch the tires on your scooter accordingly. But since replacing scooter tires is anything but easy, how to know which type of tire is the best solution for you.

Truth is, road tires are going to work perfectly for the majority of scooter riders. These tires perform fine in most conditions and nearly all terrains. They are made for flat roads, but they will also do well on dirt, gravel, and grass.

The only situation where road tires are useless is riding on mud, snow, and other excessively slippery surfaces. This is where you need more grip that knobby tires offer. Off road tires have big rubber knobs that dig into the dirt as you accelerate. You can go on paved roads with off road tires, but they will be very noisy and will wear out quickly.

Bottom line is: unless you are riding almost exclusively off-road, we suggest that you stick with road tires.

Electric Scooter for Hunting

If you are an avid hunter that is always looking for ways to make your day out in the wilderness better, you might be on a lookout for something that is stealthier, more agile and more convenient than ATV or a quad bike. An electric scooter equipped for the ride on difficult terrain might be the answer. There are plenty of advantages to using an e-scooter for hunting: they are quiet, allow you to get to your hunting positions without being noticed, you can access no motorized vehicle areas to hunt, you can carry your gear with you and handle difficult terrain with ease.

Another option is getting an electric fat tire bike. There are models that accommodate the accessories designed for hunting, like various trailers and saddlebags.

Off Road Scooter vs Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are at least as twice as expensive as e-scooters, but does that mean they are better hands-down? We believe that electric scooters have some unique advantages.

Electric scooters do not need pedaling. Riding a mountain bike, even the electric one, is hard work. On electric scooter you just need to push the throttle and you’re on your way.

Scooters are faster. Acceleration is instant on an electric scooter, and an electric scooter with proper off road tires will absolutely shred a packed dirt trail or gravel road.

Electric scooters are not allowed everywhere. Motorized vehicles (with the exception of personal mobility devices, such as electric wheelchairs) are often prohibited from shared use trails, and this includes electric scooters. Electric bikes, on the other hand, are classified in a way that clearly delineates them from other motorized vehicles, which means they are allowed off-road on multiuse trails.

Mountain bikes brake better. Larger wheels, larger disc brake rotors, and more grip to the ground – all of these give mtbs impressive stopping power.

Mountain bikes are the only choice for technical terrain and difficult hill climbs. Electric scooters’ wheels are just too small for mountain trails with large roots, rocks, or other obstacles. For this type of terrain you need either an electric mountain bike or an electric dirt bike.

If you love adrenaline-charged rides and speeding across dirt trails and rough terrain, an off road electric scooter have a lot to offer. For technical trails and challenging mountain roads, you’ll be better off on a mountain bike.

All Terrain E-Scooters FAQ

Are off-road scooters expensive?

Off-road-ready electric scooters cost anywhere from $1500 to over $3000, which is not inexpensive. They are equipped with features that don’t come cheap but are necessary to create a powerful and high-performance scooter.

How much do off road scooters weigh?

The more power an electric scooter has, the more battery capacity it needs to go with it. Large batteries are very heavy, which in addition to the other heavy-duty parts makes the scooter pretty cumbersome. Some models, like Wolf Warrior, or Dualtron Ultra weigh near 90 pounds. Even the lightest off road scooters, like the Mantis or Zero 10x, weigh over 65 pounds.

Are off-road scooters waterproof?

Though not exactly waterproof, most off-road electric scooters are water-resistant or waterproof. Make sure to check the IP ratings for an objective measure of waterproofness. For safe use in typical rainy conditions, not a downpour, including riding through puddles, we recommend a rating of IP65.

Are they safe?

Riding electric scooter off road is as safe as you want it to be, and as dangerous as you make it. It all comes down to what level of risk you are prepared to expose yourself to and what steps you want to take to minimize that risk. Wearing proper safety equipment, riding responsibly and within your limits will safeguard you against hurting yourself.