In 2009, an inventor, product designer and developer Nimrod Riccardo Sapir launched an e-scooter under the MyWay brand, named Quick. This was an innovative concept of a lightweight quick-folding electric scooter, made of aluminum with a brushless motor and lithium ion battery. The commercial success came in 2015 when the Israeli entrepreneur Kfir Ben Shushan and his two partners bought a 50% stake in the company and began marketing the scooters under the name Inokim.

Today, Inokim electric scooters are sold on all continents, except Antarctica. Their line of electric rides includes a range of products for the different needs of customers: power and distance, versus light weight and compactness. All of them do have few things in common: the superb design, high quality and attention to details. There are five different scooters under the Inokim brand, from the under 25 lbs lightweight Mini, to the all-terrain OXO able to go up to 40 mph.

inokim ox and oxo

The Best of Inokim Scooters – OX and OXO

Inokim isn’t some Chinese factory churning out scooters at the lowest cost possible without regard for safety or quality. Many consumers overlook that Inokim adheres to the more stringent standards for compliance in Europe achieving a CE Mark for consumer safety.

Build quality of all Inokim scooters is top-notch, and that’s especially true for OX and OXO. These two scooters are the flagship Inokim models at the moment. The price point in comparison to the Dualtron and Zero 10x models fits nicely in between these but with top-class quality and safety. And while most scooters now all look the same, the aesthetics of the Inokim OX and Inokim OXO is instantly recognizable from a distance.

Speed and Power

Inokim OX features an 800W electric motor (120W peak) in the rear wheel. This is good amount of power for most riders, delivering top speed of 28 miles per hour, once the speed mode is unlocked. If you live in mostly flat area, this single motor setup is enough, but if there are lots of hills to overcome on your way, you’ll wish there is a way to get that extra push.

This is where Inokim OXO dominates. With two motors 1300W peak power each, which delivers some serious torque, when ridden properly the pickup is smooth and linear, not overpowering, and not only it can climb the 30% grade with ease, but it can also accelerate on it. OXO Super is able to hit 40 miles per hour on a flat ground in the unlocked mode. The little red button on the OXO handlebar engages the second motor when you need that extra push up the hill, or you need to overtake someone in traffic. Seasoned electric scooter riders will appreciate this, as they know you don’t need the second motor all the time, it should only be engaged when the situation calls for it, to maximize your range and save the battery.


Inside the rugged frame of the OX Super is a 60V, 21Ah battery that takes about 10 hours to fully charge, and once charged it will deliver over 40 miles of range. The advertised range is 68 miles, but unless you weigh around 160 pound and ride in the ideal conditions, don’t hope for it. And considering that the OXO is made for the off road and riding in challenging conditions, it would be a shame to stay on the beaten path. The battery pack on OXO is 26Ah, giving that extra range and power supply to the additional motor, but comes at a compromise of adding extra weight and 13hrs charge time.


While the OX offers decent and simple to maintain drum front and rear cable disc brake, the OXO wins hands down with the ZOOM hydraulic disc brakes. Performance of the hydraulic braking system is amped up by the twin ventilated discs for super modulated stopping.


Both OX and OXO have the same single-sided swing-arm suspension and it is one of the most unique design features of these electric scooters. Inokim has the unique patent on the adjustable suspension system, called OSAP (OX Suspension Adapter Patent). The OSAP allows you to alternate the suspension position between LOW, for better stability mainly at higher speeds, and HIGH, for larger suspension travel and higher clearance, intended for riding on rough terrain.


The cockpits on both models are very similar, there is the same control unit with thumb-controlled throttle and an LCD display showing your stats: speed, battery lever and power mode. There is also a bike bell, on both models and on the OXO handlebar there is a little red button that engages the dual motor drive.

Folding and Portability

Like the most high performance electric scooters, Inokim OX and Inokim OXO are foldable, but not exactly portable. First, they are heavy. The OXO weighs nearly 75 pounds, and while the OX is lighter, weighing 57 pounds, it still not something you can pick up and carry around. Second, they are large. The folded dimensions of both the OX and the OX are 48” x 23” x 22”, so you will need to think about storage space if you plan to get one of these. Folding mechanism is great and you can effortlessly fold and unfold your scooter in seconds.

Additional Features

Compared to some other electric scooters, both OX and OXO are the bare-bones models. The design of the scooter is very nice, and there is really no need for all the bells and whistles to inflate the perceived value and sell the scooter. There should be a phone mount included in the package, which is now pretty much a standard for higher priced e-scooters. Both models come with bright headlights as well as rear brake lights, so you will be able to see and be seed during those night rides.

Weight Limit

According to the manufacturer both OX and OXO can support a maximum rider weight of 265 lbs. They are probably sturdy enough to be able to haul more, but the heavier the rider, the greater impact on the performance. This is significantly less noticeable on OXO, as dual motors provide enough power to lessen the overload, and these type of scooters are better suited for heavier riders.

OX vs. OXO Comparison

Motor 800W rear motor 2×1000 dual motors
Battery 60V, 13Ah 60V, 25.6Ah
Top Speed 31 mph 40 mph
Max Range 37 miles 68 miles
Brakes Front drum brake, rear disc brake Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
Weight 57 lbs 74 lbs
Charge Time (0-100%) 7h 13h

Inokim MINI – Lightweight, Compact and Portable

Mini is the smallest and the most compact of the Inokim scooters. It is the perfect last mile solution for the city, with a patented folding system that allows it to fall back completely and be stored in a minimum of space, whether it’s in the office, public transport or trunk of the car. The Mini weighs only 23 pounds and it can even be lugged around like a suitcase with its small retractable wheels.

While small in size, performance-wise, this scooter is great. The 250W gearless motor and 36V battery deliver the top speed of 15.5 mph. With the capacity of 7.8Ah the expected range is about 15 miles, maybe a couple of miles more. The maximum load is 165 lbs, so this is obviously not for heavier riders. Though it has the sturdiness to carry bigger load, this would greatly affect the performance.

The wheels are small 6”, with pneumatic tire in the front and honeycomb rubber tire in the back. There are couple of features that the Mini 2 has, that not many little foldable scooters do. In addition to electronic ABS, it also has a rear wheel friction brake. But what mostly surprised us is how smooth it feels to ride this little e-scooter, and it is thanks to the unique suspension in the rear that is a combination of a hinge and a synthetic rubber elastomer. It does offer only about an inch of travel, but you will feel the difference when you ride over not so smooth roads.

Inokim QUICK 3 Super – Fast Commuter

The Inokim Quick-2 was the scooter that made the brand a recognized name in the electric scooter market. Riders loved the perfect balance of compactness, portability and power. Now, in 2020, the third generation of this model takes the concept to another level. A 48V 450W geared motor drive make Quick 3 go up to 19 mph with autonomy of up to 28 miles. It also comes with a completely redesigned folding mechanism and handlebar, which was the biggest pain point of its predecessor.

Inokim Quick 3 comes with 10 inch pneumatic tires which handle bumps easily, and provide better traction on slippery surfaces, making your ride more comfortable and safe. There is a rear disc brake in addition to the electric motor cutoff one, and a front V-brake. The deck offers plenty of room for standing, and there is an optional clamp-on seat as well.

Other features on the Inokim Quick 3 include a nice bright headlight, and brake lights, a rear mudguard, and a carry handle on the deck. This Scooter can take on a lot more weight that the Mini, 260 lbs, to be precise, but the scooter itself doesn’t weigh too much, about 36 lbs, which is manageable. All in all, Quick 3 is sturdy, robust, but still portable enough to be the good last mile solution for your commute.

inokim quick

LIGHT 2 – An Upgraded Inokim Favorite

The Inokim Light 2 looks very different than a lot of the other electric scooter models in its range. This is a very well-built, nicely designed and feature packed electric scooter. It feel solid when riding, very stable, nothing shakes or rattles. It’s got inflatable tires, which is better than the solid ones in cushioning the ride. There is no suspension though, which is a bit disappointing as that is something that is often found on similar e-scooters.

The Light 2 is powered by a brushless 350W motor mounted in the rear wheel, and the top speed is 21 miles per hour. The range is listed at 23 miles, but this is in the ideal test conditions, so in real life it will be closer to 15 miles. The front and rear drum brakes deliver plenty of stopping power, so this scooter has one of the shortest stopping distances of 8.5” wheel electric scooters.

The LED screen is nicely integrated with the handlebar, and shows battery power, speed, and range. It is also used to pick a gear, and there are 3. The Light 2 weighs about 30 lbs, and it is quick and easy to fold. It comes in 5 different colors, and seems to strike the perfect balance of light, yet robust materials, finished with a distinctive aesthetic that the brand is now synonymous with.

Where Are Inokim Scooters Made?

Inokim Scooters are designed in Israel, and made in China. This combination is what allows the brand to deliver superb quality and performance, at affordable price. Inokim is one of the rear companies that closely monitors every step in designing and manufacturing of their products, stressing quality control, high-end performance and customer support.

Why Choose Inokim?

To sum it up, here is a list of reasons why you won’t be wrong if you choose an Inokim electric scooter for your commute, running errands or weekend adventures:

  • Inokim offers a diverse range of electric scooters – there is a ride for every type of rider and terrain, with different top speed capabilities and different autonomies.
  • The company is focused on enticing as much people possible to switch their cars for the environmentally-friendly e-scooters, and they actually design scooters for the people first, not for profit.
  • There is a variety of complementary accessories available: detachable seat, portable pump, compact set for maintenance, a comfortable helmet, pouches, reflecting bodysuits and backpack, gloves and more.
  • They offer live and ongoing support and customer service help round the clock, concerning any question, request, consultation or deliberation before or long after the purchase of the product.
  • Inokim design team is led by an award-winning designer Nimrod Sapir, and one of their scooters, the Inokim OX is the winners of the prestigious Red Dot award for product design.
  • Their scooters are sold worldwide with dealerships all over the world.