Your electric scooter is not only a very fun and convenient way to get around, but also your prized possession that you need to protect. The best way to keep your electric scooter from getting stolen is to always take it with you. Some scooters are more portable than others so you can take them with you to work or inside the store. In realty though, this is not always possible, so you need to think about the ways to protect your scooter if you need to leave it in front of the store, restaurant, or anywhere else.

Types of Electric Scooter Locks

Cable Locks

Cable locks are the most common types of locks. They come in handy if you want to wrap your scooter around. Some sport a combination key locking mechanism, while others come with a core and key. They might look easy to cut through, but most of cables are cut-resistant and made of a strong material such as hardened steel.

U-Lock (D-Lock)

This is the most popular type of lock among commuters for locking bicycles, electric bikes and scooters. This is because they strike a nice middle ground between weight and security. They’re popular with cyclists, who use them to secure the frame to immovable objects, but this won’t always be possible on a scooter. Unless your scooter wheels design allows a lock to go through, you need to lock it around the frame. Ensure you leave the minimum space possible between the U, your scooter and the post you’re attaching it to increase your odds.

chain lock for electric scooter

Chain Locks

Chain locks are a classic, easy to use and usually very secure. Weaker chain lock can be broken through with a good pair of bolt cutters and some muscle, but stronger chains would have to be broken through with power tools. And using angle grinder in public draws a lot of attention. The downside is that chain locks are very heavy and inconvenient to transport on an electric scooter.

Ring Locks

A ring lock is a suitable electric scooter lock for specific models that are equipped with wheels with open spokes such as the Segway Ninebot Max or the Xiaomi M365. These types of locks have a reinforced steel ring with a cable in the middle. The cable will prevent the ring from rotating when it is in the locked position, securing your electric scooter’s wheel.

disc brake lock

Disc Locks

A disc lock was initially designed to lock motorcycles and mopeds, but if you own an electric scooter with a brake caliper these types of locks can be quickly attached to the brake caliper to prevent an electric scooter’s wheel from turning. This is a good backup locking solution, in addition to a chain or a U-lock.

Cuff Locks

Similar to a police issue handcuff, this lock is designed so that one cuff slips around the frame and the other around whatever you’re locking it to. Cuff lock is very portable, it can be folded in half, so it only takes up a small amount of space in your backpack.

Besides choosing the right type of lock, you also need to know how to secure your scooter properly. Because whichever lock you choose, if you don’t use it properly, your scooter will be stolen.

Locking Your Scooter in the Street

Be aware that no lock is unbreakable. If a thief wants to get through your scooter lock, they are going to find the way if they have proper tools and the right amount of time. If you have no choice but to leave your treasured electric scooter outside, here are few tips that will help you ensure your scooter stays where you have left it.

1. Leave the scooter in well-lit public areas:  Thieves use various tools to cut through the locks, and they are less likely to try to do this if there is a lot of people around, or a camera that can catch them.

2. Use multiple locks and security systems: Having two locks is much better that having a single one, even if it is really good and expensive. It is also visually more deterring.

3. The 10% – 20% rule: A general rule of thumb is that you need to invest at least 10% of the price of your electric scooter in the locking system. The more expensive your e-scooter is, the more money you need to put towards keeping it secure.

u lock for scooter

Other Scooter Security Systems

Key Ignition Switch

Some scooters, like the Mercane WideWheel, come with key ignition, so the scooter cannot be turned on without the key. Others, like Zero Scooters, have the option of adding the key lock. In theory, this is theft-deterrent, as you cannot turn on the scooter without the key in the lock. In reality, if you misplace your keys, you are going nowhere.


The anti-theft alarm is a good added layer of security. Some systems have a motion activated alarm feature which will be activated when the scooter is tampered with or moved in any way.


Outfitting your scooter with almost invisible GPS tracker allows you to locate and track your scooter wherever it is. This system can alert you if anyone touches your scooter, or you can even keep track of it if you borrow it to anyone else.

Bottom line: there are no locks that can guarantee 100% your electric scooter will stay safe, but using quality locks and a good locking technique will greatly reduce the risk of your scooter being stolen and leave the opportunistic thieves a very slim chance.