Scooters that run on electricity are not a new concept, but today, as they find practical use in all aspects of transportation, they are more relevant than ever. There is a vast variety of different designs for different purposes, from folding portable scooters for the last mile from the station, to big and powerful off-road electric scooters that can handle dirt, inclines and rough terrain.

In the sea of different designs and tech concepts, fat tire electric scooters are something else. There is no way you can miss one of these zipping by on its extra-large wheels and fat tires. Intrigued by their distinctive look, we decided to take a close look into these mean machines and find out what makes them so attractive, as well as review some of our favorite electric scooters with big wheels.

Top 5 Fat Tire Electric Scooters

These rides are not your average electric scooters. These are robust and bulky two wheelers that provide an easy and comfortable ride and turn heads everywhere. Where can you ride a fat tire scooter, and you will definitely not be unnoticed.

Toxozers / Citycoco

legend among fat tire electric scooters

What we liked

  • Super comfortable
  • Suitable for two people
  • Hydraulic brake system and front and rear shock absorption

What we didn’t like

  • Made for paved road only
  • Tricky to maneuver

This is the “Harley of electric scooters”, though it does not have anything that Harley-Davidson motorcycles are known for, except maybe the handlebars. Unlike the legendary motorcycle this two-wheeler is powered by a very quiet 1000W electric motor in the rear wheel, which is plenty of power, so you will be able to hit the top speed of 20 – 25 mph easy. You will also be able to ride up some serious inclines, even 20 –25 degrees.

The motor is juiced up by the 60V battery pack consisting of five 12V 12Ah SLA batteries. These batteries are inferior to Li-Ion ones in almost every aspect, except the price. With batteries fully charged you will be able to travel around 20 miles, but as you approach that limit the scooter will become unbearably slow.

Toxozers offers smooth and comfortable ride. The padded seat is pretty comfortable, there is a front shock suspension, and even the rear spring suspension which makes the ride super soft. Steering is ok, it is not able to turn on a dime, but you will be able to maneuver by leaning into the turn. It is a pretty big scooter, so you won’t be able to edge your way through narrow spaces, but it is not what this scooter is built for anyway.

This electric ride has all the features needed for a safe ride, just like motor scooters. There is a headlight, brake lights, and a horn. Dual hand-operated hydraulic disk brake system slows the scooter smoothly and it’s able to bring you to a stop quickly and safely if needed.

Some heavier riders prefer to ride the scooter seating down, so an electric scooter with seat like this one is the best option. The seat is large enough to fit two people, and the impressive weight limit of 450 pounds ensures that you won’t lose much of the performance even with someone else onboard.

There are many versions of this type of scooter, like CityCoco, Skooza or Phat Scooters that offer a wide variety of options for customizing the scooter, but we believe this one offers the best price to quality ratio. This is the perfect scooter for anyone that just want to have fun cruising around, riding around with a friend or a backpack loaded with groceries, not wondering whether your scooter can take it.

WideWheel PRO

What we liked

  • Ultra wide wheels and improved stability
  • Dual suspension system
  • The model with the stronger battery has range of 30 miles, which is a great range for an electric scooter

What we didn’t like

  • Clunky folding mechanism.
  • It is too heavy to be portable
  • Solid wheels.

We’ve loved the original WideWheel scooter right from the start, so we couldn’t wait to see what were the improvements on the PRO version, and how the already great scooter could become even better.

The upgraded version of one of the most unique scooters on the market comes with a brand new smart display that replaces the outdated LED indicator. It shows your speed, battery level, riding mode and more, and allows you to choose your cruise control settings. Another huge upgrade are dual mechanical disc brakes and stronger calipers for better braking performance.

The biggest upgrade is battery power boosted to 48V and 15Ah, which delivers longer average range of about 22 miles, and if you ride sensibly you can even get to 30 miles on a single charge. The two 500W motors will get you up to 26mph.

The acceleration is crazy on this scooter. In power mode, with those extra wide tires, you will get the feeling of riding a drag bike. So much torque and power make WideWheel PRO climb hills with ease.

The frame is also improved, made with better materials, and the design has been upgraded with a thicker stem, reinforced fork and neck to be able to endure rough riding conditions without developing a stem wobble. The folding mechanism has also been upgraded so that the screw stays in place no matter how much you turn.

The extra-wide foam filled tires provide a lot of traction and stability, but not too much of cushioning. Luckily, the suspension on this scooter is more than adequate for improving street performance and the ride comfort. This is not an entry-level scooter; it is made for someone more experienced that can handle the amount of power WideWheel PRO is able to unleash.

Dualtron Thunder

What we liked

  • Excellent build, stable and durable.
  • Two charger ports
  • The underside of the deck lights up
  • The deck is very wide.
  • Powerful and durable brakes.
  • The control system on the handlebars is easy to use and navigate.
  • It can climb slopes easily.

What we didn’t like

  • It is quite heavy, not easy to carry.
  • Even when folded up, the large deck makes it quite bulky.

Believe it or not, huge tires are the least crazy part of this electric scooters. First, there are two motors with the combined peak power of 5.4 kW, able to unleash top speed of up to 50 mph. The battery is 60V, 35 Ah LG lithium battery, delivering maximum range of 75 miles. For such a powerful battery, you will need an extra charger, because with a single charger you will have to wait 20 hours for the battery to be on the full charge again.

Braking system and suspension are also first-class. Thunder features both hydraulic brakes and electronic ABS. Dual piston calliper system provides an excellent control and stability, absorbs more heat and noise, and because of better distribution it wears better. The innovative 45 steps control suspension system consists of 3 steps motor axis distance control, 3 steps arm angle control, and 5 types of the rubber, which accounts for a total of 45 options for the suspension strength settings.

The 11” ultra-wide tires are tubeless, with removable wheel assembly, which means that you don’t have to worry about flats and servicing. With two such powerful motors and grippy tires, climbing hills is not a problem for Thunder. In our experience, from all the scooters we’ve tested, Dualtron Thunder is hands-down, the best hill climber of all.

Dualtron Thunder has probably the smallest turning circle from all the scooters on this list, thanks to the steering column design. The handlebar is positioned at 37” from the deck, which makes this scooter suitable for taller riders. The deck is a foot wide, allowing different foot positions, which helps with both comfort and handling while riding.

Dualtron Thunder is fast and powerful, but it is also exquisitely built, and the details speak for themselves. Cables are fully shielded against any exterior hazards with the additional pieces of rubber that seal the cable entrances to the main body, and also every bolt in the scooter comes with thread sealant. It is foldable, featuring a folding stem that locks into the folded position and folding handlebars, but it is also very heavy, weighting 95 lbs.

Weped GT 50E

What we liked

  • Very stable and comfortable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Impressive 65 miles max range
  • Lights all over the scooter

What we didn’t like

  • No hydraulic brakes
  • Heavy compared to some other high performance scooters

If the eDrift ES295 gives you some Dark Knight vibes, this one is definitely more of a Tron kind of ride, especially if you have seen those YouTube videos featuring awesome custom light work. This scooter not just a light show, there is plenty of power contained in this compact frame. Featuring the 130mm Racing Kart tires, GT50E handles great on road and on dirt. Almost all Weped scooters use theses tires. With two 1600W motors and the 60V 31.5Ah Samsung SDI battery, the GT50E can quickly reach its max speed of 43 mph.

The advertised range of Weped GT50E is 65 miles, but in reality, it is closer to 40 miles. If you go through frequent top speed runs, hard acceleration and hill climbing, expect to get to around 25 miles.

Steering is something to get used to. Very wide and flat profile of the tires makes it almost impossible to turn sharply, so you would need to ease into your turns. Otherwise, the ride is smooth and stable, even under intense acceleration. The patented 4 Link Dampening front suspension and rear bushing setup will keep you stable and connected to the road. Massive drum brakes coupled with independent front and rear electronic braking and extra wide Shinko tires provide fantastic stopping performance. Not only do they stop well, the brakes are very easy to tune and are virtually maintenance free.

This scooter performs brilliantly both on and off road, and feels like a well-build racing machine. The deck could be a little bit wider, though there is an option to get a wider replacement deck. Maybe a LED one? After all, it’s crazy custom works this scooter is most known for.

QIEWA Q-Hunter

What we liked

  • High torque and fast acceleration
  • Dual hydraulic brakes
  • 440 lbs weight limit

What we didn’t like

  • Very heavy

If we would to continue comparing scooters to movies, Qiewa Q-hunter would be Mad Max. Rugged and beefy, this scooter has everything it needs to go hard, and no bells and whistles whatsoever.

This scooter is the most powerful of Qiewa scooters, featuring dual motors with the peak power of 5600W combined. Qhunter is fast; it is a high-performance scooter able to go from 0-30 mph in just 5 seconds. The top speed is 50mph, so it is definitely one of the fastest electric scooters at the moment.

The claimed range is up to 78 miles, which is plausible, because on rough terrain and in the highest performance modes, it got to about 35 miles on a single charge. You will get the best range if you switch between dual and single motor drive, because you just don’t need the power of two motors at all times.

Massive 11” knobby off-road tires do a fantastic job gripping to all kinds of rough terrain: grass, mud, or dirt. Hill climbing ability is also something Qiewa Q-hunter stands out for, being able to climb 10-15% grade hills with incredible ease.

Braking is very strong, maybe even too strong. Make sure to lean back when you brake, cause even if you are going slow, the force of braking with dual large-disc hydraulic brakes combined with electronic brakes may throw you over the handlebars.

There is an optional seat you can get with this scooter, though we find it easier to maneuver standing up. The suspension is more than sufficient; Q-hunter features front and rear shock springs, that do a good job in making the ride smoother. All in all, this is a solid, fast off road scooter, that will give you plenty of excitement and fun ride time for a decent price.

Why we love fat tire electric scooters

Fat wheels provide more stability and comfort

One of the major flaws of the small, portable standing scooters is that they often have relatively small wheels. Smaller wheels are fine in some ways, but they are also less able to deal with bumps and holes in the road surface or get over curbs. The thickness of the wheels also plays a role in stability. Do you remember how the bike seem wobbly when you first started riding until you pick up the speed? As you speed up the wheels rotate which makes the two-wheeler more stable, thanks to the gyroscopic effect. The effect is greater as wheels are larger and heavier, and weakest when wheels are small and light.

Big tires offer more traction

While this is a very debatable subject, wider wheels do generally offer more grip, especially on dry roads. Wide tires have a large surface area and bigger thread pattern producing enough grip to handle almost all types of terrain.

They look cool

The last, but often the most important reason to get an electric scooter with XXL tires is the way it looks. The fat tires, comfortable seat, cruising like you don’t have a care in the world, or blasting down the street on your beast of a scooter, be prepared to be asked everywhere you go about your cool two-wheeler.

Why extra wide wheels might not be the best choice

As cool as they look, fatty tires and extra wide wheels may not the most practical for everyday use. It all comes down to your preference, really. Here are few disadvantages of having extra-large tires on your electric scooter. If you can live with them, then take a second look at our selection of fat tire electric scooters.

Not portable

All of these scooters are comfortable, powerful, and can travel longer distances, most of them are foldable, but they are not portable. In order to accommodate extra wide tires, the frame of the scooter needs to be big, and the bigger frame means that the scooter will take up more space than those small nimble scooters, like the ones used by scooter share companies. That is why storage space is a thing to consider if you’re thinking about getting a beefy fat tire e-scooter.

Hard to turn

While cars ride on the flat portions of their tires, two wheelers do not. Having wider tires on your scooter equals a smoother, more powerful ride, but that also means that you will be sacrificing handling. The flat shape of extra wide tires makes it harder to turn corners. The tire is not rounded, which means that leaning in general is difficult, so you would have to ease into every turn, and if you need to turn around, you will need some space to do it.

Out of standard

While extra wide tires offer stability and traction, they are not a common choice of manufacturers. This means that spare tires may be hard to find. Make sure you can get all the replacement parts you might need for the scooter you want, whether it’s from a manufacturer or elsewhere. This is especially true for pneumatic tires. For most of the scooters on our list, there is a steady supply of spare parts. If you are unsure about the maintenance of the ride you want, look for those that already own it on places like forums, or reddit, and ask for their experience. You can also contact us with any question you have, we love to help anyone who is ready to switch to the pollution-free way of transport.

How to steer a fat tire scooter?

The size of your tires is all about preference and riding style. Many people think that having wider tires means that you will be sacrificing handling. That is somewhat true, but while scooters with wide tires are not as agile as scooters with small wheels, they are better in handling lots of power coming from the motors. On the other hand, the gyroscopic effect mentioned earlier means that you won’t be able to tip into corners in order to turn, so turning with wide wheels is a thing to get used to.

Are wide tires good for off-road riding?

Wide wheels do tend to spread the load better, which, in combination with tires that can grip loose surfaces, means that fat tire scooters may have some advantage on rough terrain. However, off-road performance is not so much a matter of width of the wheels, but other features as well, like the suspension, tire thread, and motor power.

Should you buy a fat tire electric scooter?

I think we agree that fatty tire e-scooters look awesome, but is it the right kind of scooter for you? This depends on your lifestyle and daily transportation needs. You need to ask yourself a couple of questions; do you have enough storage space for your fat tire scooter? Do you need a small and portable personal transportation you can take with you on a bus or a train, or a sturdy electric vehicle that can take you all the way to your destination?

If you are looking for something you can chuck in the trunk, a small portable last mile scooter, take a look at some of the best folding electric scooters. If you love cruising around on a powerful machine and be noticed wherever you go, a fat tire electric scooter is the perfect option for you. If you are in doubt, take look at our list of the best electric scooters for adults, to see all different options there are on the market today.