It’s no secret; most scooters are made with smaller riders in mind. Most range tests are done with riders weighing 170 lbs on level ground, and that’s why your 30 mile range scooter only gets 15 miles with a heavier rider on board. Most adults (including the writer of this article) are actually bigger and heavier than the average scooter test driver. The average adult American weighs close to 200lbs. This means that it can be tricky to find the right electric scooter for heavy adults based only on the advertised specs.

That is why we’ve tested out some of the most popular electric rides at the moment and compiled this list of scooters made for taller and heavier riders. These are more durable and better constructed, with better suspension than regular folding commuter scooters out there, which makes them the best electric scooters for heavier people.

Top 6 Electric Scooters With 250+ lbs Weight Limit

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 – for 300lbs Scooter Riders

What we liked

  • High top speed and sharp acceleration
  • Full hydraulic-disc brakes
  • High-quality suspension
  • Great for off road riding and climbing hills

What we didn’t like

  • Expensive
  • Heavy and bulky

At the top of our list sits the Wolf Warrior 11 (which we already reviewed), the monster truck of the electric scooter world. It has a max weight load of 330 lbs, more than most other electric scooters and PEVs, which means its well suited for heavier riders.

The Wolf Warrior boasts a lot of power; two 1200 W hub motors are going to give you a nominal power of 2400 W and a peak power of 3600 W means it’ll beat any hill in your neighborhood. Beside the fast and snappy acceleration that this amount of power gives you, the Wolf Warrior’s acceleration feels more natural if you’re on the heavier side. The brakes are full hydraulic front and rear brakes that have some serious stopping power.

This is one of the fastest scooters out there, and it can reach 50 mph on level ground. It has an advertised max range of 93 miles in eco mode, and 56 miles in Dual-Motor mode. Realistically, if you are heavier, you should expect that you’ll ride for 35 miles without any performance loss. The suspension is one of the best in the world; it’s built like a dirt bike and motorbike in a way, with full front and rear spring shock absorbers and relatively big pneumatic tires.

In conclusion, this is a great choice for heavier adults above 300 lbs that are looking for the occasional adrenaline rush, as this scooter is fantastic off-road too. The only downside is that the Wolf Warrior is too big and heavy to be portable; it’ll take up most of the size of a regular car trunk.

WideWheel Pro Scooter

What we liked

  • Comfortable and stable ride
  • Good battery capacity and range

What we didn’t like

  • Solid tires
  • Not good for off roading

We’ve already covered the regular WideWheel; there’s a new Widewheel Pro that’s basically a better, more stable version of the original WW. WW Pro comes with a new, bigger battery for more range; it can travel up to 22 miles per charge.

Widewheel took a different approach to many mid-tier e-scooters, as they chose wider wheels to aid stability and suspension. WW Pro is both portable and foldable, and is a fantastic choice for someone that doesn’t have much garage or apartment space. The Widewheel weighs 51 lbs, but it’s possible to carry it in one hand.

The WW Pro has two 500 W hub motors, which reach up to 800 W in peak power, but it feels faster. The top speed is nothing to scoff at, as 26 mph feels fast enough. The solid wide wheels can’t get punctured, and this is a unique perk that WW offers. They’re rougher and make for a bumpier ride, but we honestly didn’t feel it.

Apollo Phantom

What we liked

  • Stunning unique design
  • Extra-large display
  • Very bright lights all-around
  • Impressive performance

What we didn’t like

  • The display not readable in sunlight

Heavy scooters and heavy riders require excellent suspension. Apollo Phantom scooter is without a doubt one of the most comfortable scooters, with ground-breaking suspension system. With 10 inch, air-filled tires, oversized deck and wide handlebars that absorb shocks from the ground, you will appreciate how smoothly it can glide over bumpy roads. Thanks to its proprietary Quadruple spring suspension system, the Phantom dampens the surface without too much bounce, making it incredibly stable and reliable. Max load for this scooter according to specs is 300lbs, but it can take on much more, no problem.
The Phantom scooter boasts plenty of power, with two 1200W motors and a combined peak power of 3.2 kW. This model has it all: amazing top speed, super-fast acceleration, insane braking power and top-notch suspension. The list of features is not inflated by adding all kinds of gizmos and gadgets that has no purpose. This is a scooter packed with features that you actually need. Starting with the incredible display that shows everything that you would want to know, including how many miles you have left, all the way to perfectly purposeful lights. And it is one of the more affordable dual motor scooter, keeping the price point at around $2000.

EMOVE Cruiser

What we liked

  • Impressive battery capacity and range
  • IP67 water resistance rating
  • High value for the price
  • Great folding mechanism

What we didn’t like

  • Heavy

Well, it seems like this scooter somehow ends on all our lists, but it is only because it actually ticks a lot of boxes. It is powerful, has a really big batteries and a sturdy, robust design. This is a feature-packed, high-performance scooter in a mid-tier price bracket.

One of the problems for all bigger riders it that their weight puts a lot of load on the motor, making it work harder and drain the battery faster. This scooter does not have a problem with it, because in addition to its heavy-duty frame able to support up to 352 pounds, it’s got a battery that can haul that weight for hours.

The Emove Cruiser comes with a motor that has a peak output of 1600W, which delivers a 25mph top speed and a decent hill climbing ability. A huge 52V 30Ah LG battery, give this scooter a maximum range of 62 miles, although if you are on a heavier side, you are probably well-aware that you can’t count on it. You will get a 30+ miles out of it for sure, which is still a great range.

The Cruiser is equipped with all that is needed to support a heavy load. There is a dual suspension, a front spring-loaded suspension, and a rear air-ride suspension. It is not too soft, but it is a suspension nonetheless. The tires are the 10-inch pneumatic tubeless car-grade ones, puncture-proof, and durable and provide enough cushioning on a bumpy road.

Dualtron Thunder – Fastest Scooter for Big and Tall

What we liked

  • Excellent build, stable and durable.
  • It has a great range.
  • Multiple charging options.
  • The underside of the deck lights up.
  • The deck is very wide and comfortable.
  • It goes fast, but stops on a dime
  • The control system on the handlebars is easy to use and navigate.

What we didn’t like

  • It is quite heavy, making it not easy to carry.
  • Even when folded up, the wide deck makes it quite large.

Dualtron makes high quality, premium scooters; their scooters can handle a bigger rider. The Dualtron Thunder can handle riders up to 265 lbs; at least that’s what the manufacturer says. This powerful scooter can easily handle bigger riders.
The Dualtron scooter weighs 88 lbs, and even if it’s foldable, it’s by no means portable. It will fit in a car trunk better than the Wolf Warrior though.
It has an amazing 5400 W of peak power, meaning it’ll reach the top speed in no time. This is also one of the most powerful scooters you can meet on the road (or offroad). Hills are no problem, and heavier riders will appreciate how much power this scooter has. It’s tough, durable and stable. The Thunder has a maximum range of 74 miles, but heavier riders should expect to get 40 miles. The suspension makes it ride like a dream; it has dual piston suspension and quality pneumatic tires. The suspension system is adjustable too, and you can customize it to your liking. Lastly, the Thunder has hydraulic brakes that are some serious stopping power. Big riders should invest in better brakes by default, and Dualtron has you covered. One of the most powerful and pleasant riding scooters out there that can handle any roads and several off-road trails.

Important Stats for Heavy Duty Electric Scooters

Here is a list of things you need to know before you start shopping for a durable electric scooter for heavy adults.

Weight limit

Naturally, one of the most important stats for heavy duty scooters is how much can they carry? Carry weight is one stat that most manufacturers are very conservative about; in practical terms, most scooters shouldn’t have much trouble hauling up to 40 lbs more than their max weight limit says they can. Most scooters can handle 300 lbs riders but with severely diminished performance (like most ride share scooters and entry-level PEVs), but the ones listed here are capable of running at full power even with heavier riders.

Motor Power and Range

Power is an important stat for any scooter. The more power you have, the faster you’ll reach top speed and you’ll beat hills faster. For heavier riders, we advise at least 500 W of power. At the very least.

Most premium scooters are a lot more powerful, they usually have a nominal power rating of about 1000 W to 2000 W, with peak powers going from 3,600 W to 5,400 W. Power is a tricky stat to get right, as some manufacturers share their peak power (bigger number) and “forget” to share the nominal power stat. The other important thing to remember is that powerful and fast scooters are serious and require regular motorcyclist protection gear and quality scooter helmets.

The bigger your battery is, the more range you have. It also means it takes a longer time to recharge the battery. The less power you use, the more range you have too. And lighter riders use less power than heavier riders.

To calculate (more precisely, guesstimate) how much range you’ll have as a heavier rider, just take the nominal range number and reduce it by about half. Eg. a 30 mile range scooter will have about 17 miles of real, practical range. This’ll keep you on the safe side of planning your route and won’t leave you stranded without power.

The Suspension is Important

The lighter the rider is, the less bumps they feel while they’re riding. And the less suspension they need. If you noticed kid’s mountain bikes and BMX bikes, they’re all solid frames and forks because little kids are light enough not to need any serious suspension.

Now, for bigger, heavier riders, suspension becomes a very serious issue, regardless if you’re on-road or off-road riding. A non-flexible, sturdy scooter will transfer all those small bumps and vibrations directly into your knees and ankles, and your feet will hurt after 15 minutes of riding. That’s why you should get a scooter with a fantastic suspension system and pneumatic tires.

Ease of use and portability

Pick a scooter that suits you and your lifestyle; decide on how portable and foldable you need your scooter to be. Decide where you’d want to keep the scooter, in your apartment or in your garage.

Do you have to carry your scooter upstairs and downstairs daily? Then get the lightest scooter that can carry you. If you’re going to keep your scooter in your garage, how much it weighs isn’t an issue, but the ability to fold the handle becomes a lot more important as you can now stash it under a table or workbench.


If you are a heavier rider, choosing the right electric scooter is a matter of safety. A heavier rider will put more stress on the frame and components, so it is important to choose a scooter that is designed for riders of your weight. All of the models listed above are great choices for heavier riders, as they are made of high-quality materials and have powerful motors.