Becoming more aware of environmental impact of fossil-fuel vehicles, many people are ditching cars for more eco-friendly means of transportation, especially in urban settings. With the variety of different designs available, electric scooters have already carved a pretty broad niche and inspired many people to take a step towards greener tomorrow.

Not all electric scooters are expensive, but some cost as much as a car. Maybe you have your eye on a high-end electric scooter, but don’t have the funds to get a brand new one. Buying a used electric scooter is something you can consider, especially if you are on a tight budget. Also, according to the “reduce-reuse-recycle” principles, buying second hand products is good for the environment, but can also be good for your wallet.

Let’s break down the pros and cons of buying a pre-owned scooter:

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Used Scooter

Used Scooters Can be Unsafe

Unless the scooter is owned by someone you know, you have no way of knowing what kind of treatment that scooter has been through in its lifetime. It could have been left out in the cold for weeks, or left out in the rain regularly. It could have been ridden over bad terrain or in a way that left it mangled. Electric scooters can have serious issues that may not be detectable at first, but can cause major problems that can potentially lead to you getting injured.

Many Potential Issues

There are so many things that can go wrong with an electric scooters, most of them are not obvious at the first sight. Battery could have been stored or charged inadequately, which can make it faulty. The tires could be about to blow, and replacing a tire can be a big hassle. There also may be issues with electronics, so you should know what to look for to spot an e-scooter with issues.

Waste of Money

If you are really down on your luck, a used scooter may end up costing more than a new one. Even the scooter that looks pristine may have issues that are expensive to repair. The most expensive part of an electric scooter is the lithium battery, and if a battery is faulty it may end up costing as much as the scooter itself. When you are buying a new scooter, you know what you are getting, you are covered by a warranty, and many seller offer various financing options to allow you to pay for your scooter in installments.

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Why You Should Buy Used Electric Scooter


If you can get an electric scooter super cheap, than upgrading it or fixing it won’t be such a financial burden. If you can purchase and fix up a secondhand e-scooter for less than half of what it would cost to buy a new one, you got a really good deal.

Reducing Waste

Yes, this practice of recycling and buying used items in general helps maximize them instead of just throwing them away, which will only add to the huge pile of non-biodegradable trash. Not to mention that a lot of energy goes into making a new electric scooter in the first place, as well as in recycling one that could have been saved. Aside from huge savings, you get to do your share in caring for the environment while enjoying the ride in your used e-scooter

A Fun Project

Maybe you are a kind of person that enjoys learning how an electric scooter works. Some people are capable of building electric scooters from spare parts. If this is what interest you, purchasing a used e-scooter should pose little to no problem.

There are so many sources online for fixing up a scooter that seems beyond repair. If you are highly motivated, buying a used electric scooter can be a great project. Maybe even a side hustle, buying used electric scooters, fixing them up and selling them at a higher margin.

Tips for Buying Pre-Owned Electric Scooter

If you have your heart set on a particular electric scooter and you really want to get that one, there are a few things that we recommend you do.

First, know the price of the electric scooter you want to buy new. Don’t go into a negotiation on price without having an idea what the seller probably paid for it. That might give you some leverage in negotiations.

Always make sure that you test drive the scooter before you decide to buy it. If you are expecting that this particular electric scooter has been used gently, it should look and run like that. Don’t just ride it for a minute or two. Take it out for a 10 to 15 minute cruise. That will help you to identify problems that might not be evident initially. Check the brakes multiple times when going at top speed, as well as when going slow. Take note if the brakes make noise, of if the scooter does not brake very fast. You may not get a true sense of how well (or bad) the brakes work until you are 10 minutes into a ride.

If the electric scooter has a phone app that can store data such as mileage, average speed, etc. ask to see that on the seller’s phone. If they are unwilling to show you it could indicate that the scooter has been ridden a lot more than what was claimed.

Check the underside of the deck (usually this is where the battery is placed) and look for damage. If the scooter has been banged or ridden across surfaces it shouldn’t have been, there are going to be excessive scratches or even dents.

Ultimately, it’s highly recommended that you know something about the scooter you want to buy before you agree to purchase a used one. Know what the particular model of electric scooter is capable of doing and be prepared to pass on buying it if there are potential concerns.

Final Thoughts

It is not an easy choice of selecting between used and new for any type of good that one would like to purchase.

Go for a used electric scooter, if you know the previous owner and have tested the scooter before making a purchase. For example, some e-bike and scooter shops sell refurbished scooters. These models are usually well inspected and are have been taken good care of prior to the reselling.

Go for a new electric scooter, if you have budget flexibility and are willing to try the latest technologies. You should go for a new scooter if you would like to be able to choose your options, have specific features, and have peace of mind with the manufacturer’s warranty.