Up until recently there seems to have been two major approaches of designing an electric scooter: one was to create the lightest, most portable scooter able to transport an adult, and the other one was to make the craziest dual motor monster machine that can go faster than you have ever thought something powered by battery can go. However, just like with about anything else, the majority wants something in the middle.

Apollo Ghost Scooter – Compact, Refined and Fast

Apollo has recognized the gap in the market for an entry-level dual motor scooter and tried to create the most compact, most affordable high-performance adult electric scooter. In the words of the Sean Devlin, Director of Apollo Customer support: “The Ghost was designed for all those of you that have been eyeing the Apollo Pro, but could never quite justify pulling the trigger due to size or price.”

The Apollo Ghost is exactly what they promise it to be. It is not the fastest electric scooter on the market, but its acceleration will blow you away. It is not the most lightweight, but it is portable. It is not a design-awards-winning masterpiece, but it looks awesome. It is not the best at anything, but it is good at everything. It is durable, reliable, exciting, and affordable.

How does this scooter actually hold up on the road? This is what we find out after putting it to the test:

apollo ghost

Speed and Power

The Apollo Ghost is a dual motor scooter, with two motors of 800W nominal power. Combined they deliver 2000W of peak power and 34 mph top speed. This top speed actually holds up as the battery level gets lower, and you can only notice a drop in performance once the battery goes under 20%.

Acceleration is where the Apollo Ghost gets top marks. In dual motor mode, once you pull the throttle this powerful scooter will propel you to 15 mph in 3 seconds, and up to 25mph in just about 5. This is faster than even some more expensive scooters, like the Zero 10X. You won’t have to worry whether you can speed your way out of a tricky situation or power uphill.

Battery and Range

Powerful motors require a high-capacity battery, and the Apollo team surely delivers. The Ghost is fitted with 52V 18Ah battery, featuring Dynavolt cells, used across other Apollo scooters as well. With this setup you will be able to travel anywhere between 20 and 39 miles, depending on your weight, speed, and road conditions. This is a pretty reasonable range for the price, and if you calculate the price to range ration, you will see that the Apollo Ghost is one of the most economical performance scooters.

There are two charge ports, so if you have an extra charger it would take 6 hours to fully charge the batteries. The battery of the Ghost is supposed to hold up to 600 charge cycles without compromising performance, which in theory means that if you charge it three times a week on average, your battery pack will remain at full capacity for nearly four years.

Design and Build

The frame of the Ghost is robust, mostly made of forged aluminum, and the whole scooter weighs 64 pounds. The handlebars and the steering column are foldable, which makes the scooter easy to transport. I especially liked the wide handlebars which make it more comfortable for taller riders. The ergonomic grips are also a more than welcome addition.

All cables are nicely routed, and out of the way. Sure, they are secured to the frame with zip ties, but this is an effective and easy solution, even though it is not the most aesthetically pleasing one. Kickstand is in the middle of the deck, which makes the scooter less likely to fall over.

A display next to the throttle shows the battery level, current speed, average speed, and the distance traveled. It’s visible in direct sunlight and even has a USB port for charging a phone or GoPro. There is also a voltage display to help monitor battery health.

Folding and Portability

When you are looking to buy a dual motor scooter, whether or not you can carry it is probably not a priority, but it is nice to know your scooter is portable enough to fit in your trunk, or light enough for you to pick it up in need.

Apollo Ghost folds at the stem, with the option to lock it to the deck, so it is more convenient to pick up. The folding mechanism is a pretty standard, reliable collar style clasp with two swing arms. Folding and unfolding is easy and straightforward, just make sure it’s tight and secure before you ride. The Ghost also features folding handlebar, which allow it to fold down to a nice compact size of 50.5” x 9.3” x 21”, fitting most trunks, despite the fairly long wheelbase.

apollo ghost scooter wheels


Apollo Ghost features air-filled 10” tires, which is the perfect size for its speed and power. The pneumatic tires absorb the shocks from the road, and provide nice grip as well. Inner tube means that you will eventually need to change the tire, but Apollo makes it easier by incorporating the split rim design to their wheels.


Ghost’s suspension is based on the dual spring suspension of the Apollo Pro. It combination with pneumatic tires and swing arms it gives a solid amount of cushioning over bumps. It is not as smooth as on some of the other scooters, like the Mantis, but if you are getting the Ghost to replace the small scooter with little to no suspension, like the Xiaomi, you’ll be impressed. The suspension is adjustable, but the adjustments do nothing in term of the stiffness.


The Apollo Ghost rises above its competitors when it comes to braking. The model we tested had mechanical disc brakes, but there is a hydraulic brake version available. However, the mechanical brakes work very well, providing fairly short stopping distance. The braking is also super responsive, requiring less force than cable-operated disc brakes on some other scooters.

Weight Limit

Apollo Ghost can haul up to 300lbs, which is on par with some high-end scooters. With the deck-to-handlebar height of 42.1” and a fairly roomy deck, this is a scooter that fits bigger riders. The amount of power it can unleash ensures that it will be able to make it uphill, even under heavier load.

Additional Features


Ghost looks hauntingly beautiful in the dark, as it lights up from all angles. Two front headlights, rear brake lights as well as blue LED strips running down the both sides of the deck, makes it impossible to go unnoticed at night. This is awesome for safety, but also for the coolness factor.

There is no doubt that everyone will be able to see you riding at night, but how much of the road will you be able to see? Unfortunately, not much. Just like with many other scooters low-mounted, not enough bright headlights do not illuminate the path as they should, so getting an additional set of headlights would be smart if you will be riding after sundown often.

Water Resistance Rating

Apollo scooters are among rare scooters with the official water resistance rating. The IP54 rating means that the Ghost is protected from water splashes from all sides and against dust ingress. This does not mean that you can ride it in heavy downpour or submerge it in water, but riding through a puddle, or in a drizzle, shouldn’t do any damage.

That being said, you should really avoid riding any scooter in the rain, as electronics and water just don’t mix.

Apollo Ghost vs Kaabo Mantis

In its price range Apollo Ghost practically has no competition, but how does it hold up against more expensive scooters like the Kaabo Mantis? Mantis takes away points for the higher top speed, and better suspension, but Apollo Ghost costs less, it has a bit longer range and folds down to a more compact package.

Apollo Ghost vs Phantom

Even though Apollo Phantom is clearly better in many aspects compare to the Ghost, the Ghost definitely has something to offer alongside its big brother. Apollo Phantom is amazing, but it is really a high-end scooter for its performance, but for its price as well. In reality though, not all people need to go that fast, or have the latest technology on board. For $600 less, the Apollo Ghost has so much to offer, and we recommend it without hesitation as the entry-level dual motor scooter

Who is Apollo Ghost scooter for?

Apollo Ghost is one of the most versatile scooters we have ever tested, so it is pretty safe to say that anyone can ride it. It is fast enough for experienced riders, but it is also stable and tame enough in single motor mode for those that need to ease into the ride. It rides like a dream on city streets, but it’s also capable of tackling rough terrain and hills. It is compact and tightly packed, but it is designed in a way that won’t make taller riders feel cramped up. If you are looking to move out from the world of lightweight urban commuters and into the world of high-performance rides, Apollo Ghost is an excellent entry ticket.